Friday, November 14, 2008

TC Roberson One Act Plays

TC Roberson HS recently performed two One Act Plays; Take 5, and The Land of Cockaigne. Congratulations to all the students involved with the plays, everyone did a great job.

TC Roberson HS One Act Plays 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

AWA 14 Saturday and Sunday

AWA 14 Saturday 9-20-08

AWA 14 Sunday 9-21-08

The picture are now online. I loaded 200 images from Saturday, showing various Cosplayers, the Dealers Room, guests (go speed racer), panels, and of course the three different JRock bands.

Sunday has quite a bit less, Cosplayers, and Artists Alley. And I was pretty much exhausted by Sunday Morning anyway.

Enjoy the pictures.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 14

The pictures are loaded... well, Friday's pictures anyway. I had planned to upload them each evening of the event but found out my laptop is out of hard drive disk space, who knew???

We arrived Thursday night to get our badges and get a jump things. Within our group the two walk-in purchases and my badge took about 10 minutes. The smart guy in our group who pre-registered (and saved money on early purchase) waited about 1 1/2 hours in line. I recommend next year taking advantage of AWA early registration and badge system. Don't remember the name, but they send out the badges a week or so before the Con.

I'll continue working on the rest of the images (Saturday and Sunday) but it will probably be next weekend before they're uploaded. Keep and eye on this blog.

enjoy the pictures.

AWA 14 Friday 9-19-08


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bele Chere 2008

BELE CHERE means beautiful living...
and you’ll see how the festival got its name when you visit beautiful downtown Asheville.

For three days each year, always the last full weekend in July, the central downtown area is barricaded against vehicular traffic and the largest free street festival in the Southeast holds court in Asheville. Festival goers from across the country come to celebrate the mountains, the bustling downtown area, the diverse cultures, and the festival that brings it all together once a year.

This was the first year I've had the chance to participate in all the festivities, which were quite energetic Friday night, and slightly damp Saturday morning. It certainly was entertaining and provide unlimited photo opportunities.

BeleChere 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Animazement 2008 - Part Deux

All the images from Animazement 2008 are now uploaded. My attempt to place them in individual folder failed, so it's just one large group of images. I hope everyone enjoys viewing them, feel free to let me know what you think.

Simply click on the image below to view the photo album.

Animazement 2008


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Animazement 2008

We arrived back home late Sunday evening, very exhausted but still full of energy. I know our group had a great time and I expect most everyone else did.

There was that one incident at 6:30 Sunday Morning that some of you may remember. The thing that made my happy through that early morning hour was the fact that all the people across the hall from us, who will still celebrating at 4:30 that morning had to get up and join everyone else. :)

I'm still working my way though all the photographs taken at the event. I had hoped to have them posted by now, but it will be a few more days, (going to see Indiana Jones tomorrow night) so please bear with me.

Not to leave empty handed, here are a few examples of my upcoming galleries from the Convention.

Honored Guests;

Artists and Dealers;

Cosplayers in General;

As well as the actual cosplay, dances, panels, and just things going on all around.

I always wonder how cosplayers, wearing their fine costumes all the time, could keep from spilling food on their outfits for 3+ days. The answer, easy, cosplayers don't eat!!

Although I must say, I found the best method of nutrition survival consisted of Iced Coffee and those cream-sugar-wafer-cookies. The ones in packs of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Stay tuned for updates on the postings.

Thanks for a great time.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Footloose; the musical

After many long weeks of hard work, which consisted mostly of singing, dancing, stage building, singing, dancing, memorizing lines, singing, dancing, blocking, stage building, singing, memorizing, painting, building, dancing, singing and blocking, T.C. Roberson High School performed a fantastic rendition of the musical Footloose.

Full credit goes the numerous amount of people (Aleisa and Ryan, staff, volunteers, moms and dads, etc) it takes to put a performance like this together, but above all it's the students that make it work. Great work and Congratulations to them all.

And because this is my blog, great job Kathleen (Mrs. Matheny) and Caitie.

I've included a few photos (231) made from 2 nights of the performance. they have been uploaded large enough to make a print from your printer, please print as many or all that you like. As they were shot at high ISO, 1600, and 3200, we'll just consider the grain to be artistic.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Today is the first day of spring, which means different things to different people. Having lived on the West coast of central Florida for the last 20 years, Spring simply meant the end of late summer and the beginning of pre-summer. That area provides continuous warm/hot days, lush foliage and blooming flowers throughout the year, so the changing of seasons was mostly insignificant.

This week not only marks the beginning of spring but the one year anniversary of living in Western North Carolina, where spring has a whole new meaning. Winters in this area are generally mild, so weather wise, the winter to spring transition isn't too significant, but as I make my way through the heavily forested areas around me I find multitudes of trees preparing to bloom into Spring. The colors are not as dominating as the Fall "leaf season". But to spend some time on a hillside looking across the spans of bare branched hardwoods an entire pallet of colors, in the form of tightly bound buds, opens up before your eyes.

The anticipation that soon there will not only be beautiful sunrises, skies, and sunsets, but lush, thick leaved forests as well, brings on a whole new meaning to spring.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patrick's Day and Momocon 2008

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Remember don't drink and drive, but if you must drink and drive be careful not to spill your drink.

Secondly thanks to everyone for waiting for me to post the images from Momocon 2008, even though I did tell everyone it would take couple of days.

This was my first cosplay convention and I think it went well. While no-one expected a tornado warning that weekend I'd say the staff did quite well at controlling the volume of people. I personally didn't mind a little break in the action, and after a few minutes rest, was able to take some crowded inside photo's.

As promised here is the link to the Momocon 2008 images. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Momocon 2008