Monday, May 5, 2008

Footloose; the musical

After many long weeks of hard work, which consisted mostly of singing, dancing, stage building, singing, dancing, memorizing lines, singing, dancing, blocking, stage building, singing, memorizing, painting, building, dancing, singing and blocking, T.C. Roberson High School performed a fantastic rendition of the musical Footloose.

Full credit goes the numerous amount of people (Aleisa and Ryan, staff, volunteers, moms and dads, etc) it takes to put a performance like this together, but above all it's the students that make it work. Great work and Congratulations to them all.

And because this is my blog, great job Kathleen (Mrs. Matheny) and Caitie.

I've included a few photos (231) made from 2 nights of the performance. they have been uploaded large enough to make a print from your printer, please print as many or all that you like. As they were shot at high ISO, 1600, and 3200, we'll just consider the grain to be artistic.


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